Friday, January 29, 2010

5 Things

Five things about me right now:

1. I just finish a cup of coffee and wish I could run to Starbucks and get me my fave Caramel Machiato. Raquel woke up at 3am!

2. Got to finish at least 5 pillows. Or at least one tonight.

3. Why did I eat mexican for lunch today!!!??? Got to run tonight instead of pillow to get the invitations ready tonight. darn it! Too much to do, so little time.

4. My Plantar Fasciitis pain is killing me! One of my co-workers who is also a runner has just healed from it. He advised me to go to a foot doctor to look at options, definitely not the surgical one. There are times that I look like I need a cane to walk.

5. I'm driving to Starbucks right now. Heck with the rain, I got things to do today! -Sandra.

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