Saturday, January 9, 2010

How about them Cowboys!

We beat the Eagles not once, not twice, THREE TIMES this season! and the monkey is off our backs and the playoff curse is done! Our first playoff win since 1996. Our defense was outstanding! Michael Vick, thanks Dog for flipping out! oops! sorry for saying Dog, we know how that hurts you...

Romo is getting better, i'm still on the fence with him but I'm pleased to finally see him play for real.

At any rate, the job is not done. We face Mighty Favre next Sunday and the question is, how do we beat the Vikings? I love Favre, I think he's an outstanding player, I truly wanted to see him in the superbowl but unfortunately he's standing in our way and all I have to say is get out dude; we're coming! -Sandra.

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