Monday, January 25, 2010


Going back to work sucks. Leaving my babies behind sucks even more. Being a stay home mom is a privilege. Staying home with my babies for 3 months was a blast! I loved it! I could quit my job and stay home with my babies and I know I will be extremely happy but our debt will not go away as fast as we want it to go. My babies will not be able to attend the schools that I want them to go. We will not take vacations where we want to go, like Hawaii next year! I want to go there again! That place is amazing and I certainly want Sam (John's sister) to meet her nieces.

This past three months, I have cooked, I have nursed, I have bonded even more with Sofia and I have organized my house in places where it hadn't been organized in ages. I picked up new cook books, even though I hate cooking, I make sure the word "easy" is everywhere on that cookbook. Being a stay home rocks, and if God calls me to stay home, I will do it in a heart beat. But, if he wants me working to help support my husband, I'll do it as well. But I sure do miss staying home with my daughters. The women that have that type of blessing to call themselves a full time stay home mom should count their blessings. But right now, I also count my blessings for having a job in this tough economy.

John doesn't make me return to work. It is all the stupid debt we incurred two years ago that's got me here. Once that is done, we plan on working on our girls college fund and stepping up our savings.

I do get terrified just thinking about quitting my job but looking at my precious daughters is well worth it. -Sandra.

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