Monday, February 8, 2010

Answer to a Prayer

I have learned to bend my knees when I seek the Lord. I have learned that God is merciful, loving and forgiving.

My heart has been troubled for some time and I tend to seek out solutions on my own only to find that I achieve nothing by myself only to remember that with the Lord, his will and not mine should be the focus of my life and through his will, I should live every day of my life.

It is fear that leads me to do my will because I feel it is the fastest solution to my problems. When nothing is achieved, I get anxious and fear the worst outcome.

Last night I felt overwhelmed by not been able to find a solution to my problem. I felt lost. I dropped to my knees and prayed and cried and cried so more. I was reminded that I'm not alone.

This morning, I happened to open my devotional book call "God Calling" this book was given to me by a beautiful lady at my church who was helping me cope with my separation and divorce from John.

I opened the page to today's date, February 8 and here's what it said:

On Me Alone:
I AM your Lord, your supply. You must rely on Me. Trust to the last uttermost limit. Trust and be not afraid. You must depend on Divine Power only. I have not forgotten you. Your help is coming. You shall know and realize My Power.
Endurance is faith tried almost to breaking point. You must wait, and trust, and hope, and joy in Me. You must not depend on man but on Me, on Me, your Strength, your Help, your Supply. This is the great test. Am I your supply or not? Every great work for Me has had to have this great test-time.
Possess y our souls in patience and rejoice. You must wait until I show the way. Heaven itself cannot contain more joy than that soul knows, when, after the waiting-test, I crown it Victor, but no disciple of Mine can be victor, who does not wait until I give the order to start. You cannot be anxious if you know that I am your supply.

I was crying all through this reading because God is telling me exactly what he wants me to do. Wait for him, patiently; He has not forgotten me! His ways of communicating back to me will never cease to surprise me.

I will wait for him and accept his will because it is the best for me. It is what he has ready for me. -Sandra.

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D.Richmond said...

Sandra - Thank you for a beautiful testimony!