Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Movies We Watch

It took us about two weeks to finally sit down and enjoy these two movies!

Movie: Coraline - This was John's choice; he loves Tim Burton's movies so this was a must watch for him. One word to describe this move: Spooky. Not a children's movie unless you want to teach your kids a lesson about appreciating you. Coraline is a pre-teen girl who lives with her very busy parents who have no time for her and she is craving for attention and finds it with her very odd neighbors. The apartment where they live has a door that leads to a magical world where she finds the exact same people but the difference is that they all have buttons for eyes including her parents. However, these set of parents are everything she wants her real parents to be, but there is something she has to give up in order for her to stay with these strange looking parents and this is where the spookiness begin. This is not a movie for younger kids, but for pre-teens and up. I give it a B+.

Movie: Defiance - Daniel Craig is in this movie, he's the handsome James Bond. I picked this movie not because Daniel Craig is in it, (yeah right!) but because it has great reviews. Daniel or Tuvia in the movie, plays a Jewish man who escapes with his brothers from the Nazis to the forest in Germany, however, while being hunted from the Nazis, the brothers find other Jewish people in the forest who are also escaping the Nazis death camps. Very excellent movie! And a TRUE Story! A must see. They live in the forest for about 3 years. Very heart wrenching movie and how they survive not only the elements, i.e, cold weather and lack of food, but the thought of Nazis finding them. I'm not talking about 10 people, they were about 300 hundred people! Amazing story, very touching! I give it an A+. and yes, Daniel Craig is still the best James Bond ever! -Sandra.

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