Monday, February 22, 2010

The Olympics - Week 1

We love, love, love watching the Olympics, since there is nothing really much to watch when it comes to national sports...we are not really into Basketball this season so Olympics are much more exciting to watch.
Here's what we think has been the most exciting things we have watched so far!

Watching Evan Lysacek beat the defending gold Olympic Champion Plushenko on figure skating was awesome and most importantly, this is our first gold in these events in 22 years!! Evan was outstanding and exciting to watch.

Plushenko of course, thought he deserved the gold instead and decided to make his feelings known to the world. Russians are just sore losers. Take that you Russians!
Another big moment was when Apolo Ohno won his sixth and seventh medal. John is a big fan of Ohno and we felt in love short track last olympics because of this guy! He's got two more games this week and we hope one is a gold medal. South Koreans are also hating on Apolo. Haters are just mean people.

Bodi Miller is sober on this Olympics! He was such a bust last Olympics that he thought that being young and invincible, he could drink, party and still score a medal in the games could bring him glory! boy, did he crash and burned last time. This time, he's got three medals last night he got the gold medal and we found out he's now a father of a two year old baby. Parenthood can change life, doesn't it!

Another skiier to note is Lindsey Vonn. She's amazing and watching all the skiiers crushing left and right, you have to hand it to anyone who can cross the finish line unscatch.

If you weren't watching the hockey game between the US and Canada you must not be from around here. What an awesome game and the Canadians thought they could beat us! Take that you Canadians! And eat cake too!

Now, let's discuss Curling. Let's not, because I'm now hooked on that game! One thing, I did notice is that you don't have to possess any physical endurance or ability to perform this game, just accuracy. US not flaring too well.

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