Monday, March 8, 2010

In Between...

Yesterday, I decided to try on one of my favorite slacks to see how much more weight I need to loose in order to fit in my pants and walla!! My pants came up through my thighs and hips and are "this" close to button. I have been on an overdrive diet and exercise since after Sofia's b/day celebration. I weighted myself two weeks ago to find out that I had lost 5 pounds since December! It took two months to loose 5 pounds only because I'm not running due to my Plantar Fasciitis so, I became depressed and lost enthusiasm in losing weight.

But, then we had a pretty warm day two weeks ago and walla! My enthusiasm came back and decided that I was not going to quit! My pants are way too cute to stay in the closet collecting dust. So, I went back to the gym and did whatever it took to start losing the extra 20 lbs I have to shed and since then, I have regained more energy and now I'm determined that I will fit in my jeans again. My Plantar Faciistis will not keep me from exercising and looking cute in my pants and skirts.

I have decided to go to the "Naturalizer" store and get me comfortable shoes with good heal cushion so that I don't have to wear my running shoes to work anymore.

Right now, I feel that nothing fits. I'm still wearing my maternity pants even though they don't fit me, but with the help of the Bella Band, I purchased when I became pregnant with Sofia, it is holding my maternity pants in place, as soon as my regular pants start fitting a little bit better, I'll switch my Bella Band to hold them in place until I don't need the Band anymore but in the meantime; I'm in that "in between" phase where nothing fits.

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