Saturday, March 20, 2010


It all started because of these two! I didn't have any problems with the Washer, but the Dryer was the pits! It would take up to 3 hours to dry and our electrical bill was not a laughing matter. So, we decided to sell these through Craigslist for $50 bucks the dryer was a giveaway. I had 10 people interested in the first hour it listed. This guy came over and pick both of them early the next morning.

Here's John starting the remodel of the washer and dryer room. The W/D would sit in this room with shelves up on top where I could never reach unless I was up on a chair, so I suggested to John that it would be beneficial to re-model the room and buy stockables instead to make more closet room on the other side.

Here's John sanding the walls and ceiling. There are only two rooms left in our entire house with popcorn walls and popcorn ceiling!!! The master and the guest room.

John really likes to get into character.

The fun part of the entire remodeling job. Painting!

Here's the final product! Oh! and it takes me only HALF A DAY to do all of my laundry! including my girls clothes and all three bed's comforters and sheets! It used to take me three days!
This was my idea. Love it! that wired basket is gone. John bought at Home Depot thinking it would look good until he saw my green baskets, he took his back. 

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