Friday, April 9, 2010

5 Things About Me Today

1. I have been tired (sleepy) all week long. I go to bed at a good time but I still feel I don't get enough. I think I'm going to start taking vitamins or perhaps a vacation will do me good.

2. Doctor visit #1 Dialog:

Dr: So, Sandra, what are you doing to prevent another pregnancy?

me: Nothing, Doc.

Dr: I suggest putting you in some really good pregnancy pills or we got this thing we can inject you with where it will last 5 years, so that you don't have to worry about taking daily pills.

me: No, thanks. I'm doing the controlling my self, you know, the traditional way.

Dr: You know, scientifically, the traditional way has never worked.

me: For me, it has so, it is good enough.

After this conversation, I felt his mood changed because he couldn't sell me on "his method." But, whatever!

3. Doctor visit #2 Dialog:

Dr: Hello, Sandra! How about them Texas Rangers?

me: How about them, doc? My left foot is still in pain, and now my right foot is in pain!

Dr: Look at that Sandra! We got someone in second base!

me: I see.

Dr: Maybe while I check on you, we'll win this game.

me: At any rate, I have been feeling pain in my right foot where there was never any pain before. What do you suggest and by the way, my left foot still doesn't feel 100% it feels more like 70%

Dr: I see, you have been putting alot of weight on your right foot so that's why your Plantar Fasciitis feels tender. OOOHHH LOOOK! WE GOT ALL THE BASES COVERED!!!!

me: great... (he can't take his eyes away from the computer monitor)

me: So, what do you suggest....

Dr: I suggest another round of injections.

me: really? I thought you told me two months ago that one round would be enough

Dr: for some people it is enough, but I see that we may have to go with another round for you, it is your choice.

me: I see

Dr: So, what's it going to be? HOLY CRAP!! WE WON!!

me: please inject me.

4. Someone has been eating way my salsa from work. I keep it on our workplace fridge and Monday, I saw that it was all gone! I WAS MAD! I wrote a note and taped it on top of the lid that said: To the Salsa Thief. You had no right to steal my salsa. It would be nice if you replaced it but you are not because you are a salsa eater thief!

My co-worker thinks he knows who he is because someone has been eating away his salsa too.

5. I hired a personal trainer. His name is John Seaman. Thankfully, he comes free of charge. He gave me this training to follow after his very successful training, he has lost over 20 lbs and he has keep it off. So, last night, was day one and my upper body aches.

While doing arm weights, this guy comes and sits by the machine right besides me and says:

Gym dude: excuse me, I was wondering, are you of Indian descent. (not American Indian, but from India.)

me: No, I'm not.

Gym dude: I bet you get that I lot.

me: You know, as a matter of fact, I do. Every time I pull my hair back in a pony tail and every time I visit one of those convenient stores and the guy that sits behind the counter is Indian, starts talking to my in their language.

Gym dude: Must be your dark features.

me: must be. (seriously, I have been told I look Indian or Middle Eastern, always!)

I told John about this conversation and he said that the Gym dude was flirting with me, I said, he wasn't or I didn't feel like he was. I feel is ok to talk to people. Then John said that no one ever talks to him when he's at the gym, I said, that's funny because people are always talking to me, John said, it is because I'm a girl.

I'm cutting my hair short very soon so I don't get confused by something that I'm not. -Sandra.

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