Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movies We Watch

Yet another attempt to give my personal opinion on movies we watch:

Movie: District 9

If you are the type that likes Alien movies this is the movie for you. However, these aliens came to earth by some unknown reason and are unable to leave our planet, some twenty years later, Aliens have double their population and Humans don't want them around anymore. A couple of Aliens try to leave and that's when the plot goes wild. This movie is very bloody, tons of machine guns and of course violence. The Aliens look very much like that "Predator" Alien movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger that I did like by the way but this movie, has in my personal opinion a "political piont of view." But whatever. The Director leaves prospect for another sequel and John can't wait. I could care less. It was too violent for my taste. The Sequel will be call "District 10" You will have to watch the movie to find out why.

Movie: The Young Victoria

I love it!!!!! John didn't even bother to watch it with me, which is sad because he missed a true love story between The Queen of England and Prince Albert of Belgium. It begins with a young Victoria at 17 years of age, the next heir to take the throne after King George and an extremely protective mother. I love period movies and I didn't hesitate to rent this one. Very safe to watch and I love watching true story movies. This movie has a touch of "Pride and Prejudice" type of romance. Love it!!!


D.Richmond said...

We watched the movie 'Brothers' this weekend. It is a very powerful story about the personal/family cost to serving during wartime. The kids in the movie are amazing.

The Seaman's said...

Isn't that pretty violent?