Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Things About Me Today

1. Why watch the World Cup anymore since the U.S is out? Well, because I'm hoping that Brazil doesn't make it and I would love to watch them crush and burn! I'm going with Uruguay, Portugal - Final.

2. We are scheduled to take our new family picture this week. I need to find Raquel a very cute dress for her solo picture.

3. I still can't run and I still can't lose the weight I want to lose.

4. Is it October yet? We have had the hottest June ever!! I can't even imagine what August will bring.

5. If you leave your checkbook on top of your car and you send your husband off to the store make sure you ask him to retrieve the checkbook before he drives off or you will spend 2 hours the next day (like I did today) at your bank changing bank accounts before the checkbook thieves steal your money.

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