Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movies We Watch

These two movies I'm about to write about I did not choose. John did. Maybe I should not write about it because in my opinion they were below average.

Movie: Sherlock Holmes

Directed by Guy Ritchie the same guy who directed Snatch. Remember the fight scene in Snatch? Well, the same fight scene is in Sherlock Holmes. Remember how fast the characters in the movie Snatch talk? Well, it seems all English people speak so very fast that trying to read the subtitles and still be able to watch the movie can be exhausting and gives you a headache.
Robert Downey, Jr. is always fun to watch, not sure I give him an A for his British accent, not that I have an English accent but I do speak with an accent and I can certainly identify someone with an English accent as fast as I can identify an Englishman with bad teeth, no pun intended.

At any rate, Sherlock Holmes was taken somewhat out of context, don't recall reading Sherlock ever fight like that in his stories, at any rate the plot was interesting, again I could have done without the ring fight, John loved it, perhaps doable in Iron Man, who knows, however, if you want to see an English movie, with a fight scene watch Snatch, again the fight scene had absolutely no relevance to the story line and if you like Downey, Jr. in any movie, then rent it. Surely, I'm glad we didn't decide to spend extra time and money to watch it on opening night.
I rate this movie a C+ or 2 stars out of 5. No nudity. Well, unless you count Downey's shirtless fight scene.

Movie: Monsters Vs. Aliens

I'm yawning just typing the title of this movie. What a bore! The good thing it didn't last two hours! Very short synopsis: Aliens come to earth to collect some green specimen that fell on earth through a meteorite. The meteorite fell on this chick's wedding day and she grew like 20 feet, therefore she was now called a Monster who later fights Aliens trying to take over the world.

I rate this movie D- or 1 star out of 5. A couple of funny parts here and there but nothing to make me want to own it or watch it again.


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