Monday, June 7, 2010

Potty Stress

I'm stressed how about you!? We started potty training Sofia and unfortunately she's got "potty stress." She has peed in the potty but not without showing stress and being all scared about it. But my biggest stress is that she hasn't "pooped" in 4 days.

I don't want to quit but I wasn't expecting this much stress. We got her pull ups and they are great but they don't help communicate what we are trying to accomplish because she treats them like regular diapers, therefore, we went cold turkey and put her in underwear.

I called the nurse this morning and all she said was to give her more fiber and I'm like, ma'am, I have been doing that and nothing! Then she started reading from the website on what I should do. She was no help. Sofia loves veggies and fruits. I know she has poop stress but I don't know how much longer she'll hold it before she starts feeling pain. The nurse that I like who has helped me the most comes in tomorrow. I will call and ask her what to do. She doesn't read from the Internet to advice parents.

I want to quit but I don't want to throw what we have been doing just yet. I just want her to poop!!!! POOP!!!!

I place her in her diapers while she naps and at night and she wakes up dry. I don't know what to do.



D.Richmond said...

I didn't want to start potty training until after our family vacation this summer but my daughter has decided on her own she wants to start now.

I also caught her climbing on top of her changing table by herself, so that had to go out of the room this week.

You know, it never goes as we want it to go.

Good Luck!

The Seaman's said...

we went back to diapers! We will start again by the end of the year or sooner if she's ready. But I will not make her anymore. That was stressful! I couldn't even sleep!