Monday, July 26, 2010

Beer and Cemetery

While I was sitting down visiting my Father's burial place this weekend, about 15 feet away from me, I hear this "pop" sound. I turned around and saw this guy with an 81 Cowboys Jersey, a baseball cap and holding a large can of beer on his left hand. Classy!
He saw me and knelled down. I guess people show grief in different ways!
The burial site this guy was standing in front of belongs to an entire family who passed on the same day. The husband, the wife, a baby (I would say she looked 6 months old) and a pre-teen. How do I know? Their pictures were on the the grave stone. Very sad. I figured a car accident, etc.
Visiting the cemetery this weekend left me emotionally drained. I pray it gets better. I have a lot more to say to my dad. I am looking for peace and understanding. Peace and acceptance.


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