Friday, July 30, 2010

Faith Rewarded

Think much of My servants of old. How Abraham believed the promise (when as yet he had no child) that in his seed all the nations of the earth should be blessed.

How Moses led the Children of Israel through the desert, sure that, at last, they would gain the Promised Land.

Down through the ages there have always been those who obeyed, not seeing but believing, and their faith was rewarded. So shall it be even with you.


What is impossible for us is easily achievable by God if our faith allows it. God never fails to tell me exactly what he wants to tell me. I opened my "God Calling" book and this is what he said to me. He wants full trust from John and I. Not half of it but all of it. He has come through for us giving us our marriage back and on top of that becoming, at last, parents. Not seeing but believing.


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