Monday, October 18, 2010

Cowboys 2010

I am slowly emotionally detaching myself from the Cowboys after yesterday's lost to the Vikings. It is really hard for us to watch the 3:15pm games because the girls get up at 4pm and they want all of our attention. The noon games or night games are much better for us, but enough about schedules...schedules actually run my life to keep it in order, somewhat.

What else can I say about the Cowboys that I haven't said yet? I still love them, that's a positive. I still hate Romo, that's pretty consistent. Cowboys have not change the rate they acquired penalties. Fire Phillips? I don't think this is the only problem they have. I think it all begins with Mr. Jones. Jason Garret sucks as well so we are pretty much doomed for this season. There is still hope for us. Only 5 teams with our current record have made it to the playoffs.

I'll just keep my emotions in check every time I watch the Cowboys and give just a little to the Texas Rangers, it seems they could be going to the World Series!

Next: Giants (4-2) This is a MUST MUST MUST win for the Cowboys if we lose it bye bye playoffs.

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