Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Seaman Girls

Our computer decided to break down and it has taken John awhile to bring it back up. But we're back and here's a few pictures from my girls!

Here we are enjoying a beautiful fall 80 degree weather day outside staring at...certainly not at me or the camera!

Sofia has started to pose for pictures! Raquel has no clue but loves it when Sofia stands by her. 

Another pose for Mami! 

Raquel started wearing this b/day hat, Alma got Sofia for her first b/day and Raquel did not want to take it off! She wore it all afternoon. 

Sofia with her beautiful cousins! 

They are guarding our house, I think! 

Awe! love this picture!  

Raquel Seaman, My Princess is soon to be one year old! 

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