Monday, November 22, 2010

Protecting your Baby

There is something going on with common sense nowadays with parents. Maybe it is just me or people are just plain selfish or just don't care...who knows!

When I go shopping, I go at it alone or take Sofia with me prior to her nap time. Yesterday, I decided to go shopping for clothes for John and I, alone, at this particular store, inside was pretty crowded. The store had a great sale going on and I felt lucky it was on a particular weekend that I chose to shop.

As I roamed around looking at all the clothes that I couldn't afford to buy, I noticed a baby crying, this baby looked around 2 months old. I felt awful for the baby being surrounded by all these people and the mother too busy shopping. 15 minutes later, I heard another baby crying, this one looked about a month old! My question is: Why can't this women shop without their babies and leave them at home with their spouse! Mind you, both of these two women were shopping with their spouses.

I don't remember the last time, John shopped clothes with me. In fact, John truly appreciates that he doesn't shop for clothes with me.

It gets worse when I go to Baby's R Us. Tiny babies crying everywhere! Maybe I'm the weird mom here, but I never took my baby girls out shopping with me when they were tiny. Why exposed them like that!

"Likewise, taking your baby to enclosed public places within the first few weeks of life is not recommended. The baby's immune system is still developing, which means the risk of your baby getting sick due to coughs or sneezes increases dramatically.

Taking your baby to enclosed, noisy places such as shopping malls can also lead to over stimulation. Think about it: a new baby has been warm and safe inside his or her mother for nine months. A trip to the mall, with the noises, the lights, and the movement, would be as exhausting as a day at Disney World for a new baby. Over stimulation can have physical effects on your baby, such as poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, and even inconsolable crying. It's best to save these outings for the future when both you and baby are more ready. If you must go to enclosed places, it's best to limit your time out to 30 minutes or less."

At any rate, I know everyone is different and I'm glad I'm "weird different." I take my babies well-being into consideration and John and I are careful of when and where we take them but some people are just very irresponsible.

Just my opinion.


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Amanda Borenstadt said...

I get so sad when I hear a tiny baby crying! I get the urge to hold them.

I'm not much of a shopper. I'm
quite happy to shop online, so I didn't do much more than grocery shop when mine were babies, especially with the twins.

But my sister likes to shop. When each of her five were tiny, she carried them in slings. They were snuggled close to her and she'd just nurse them and they were always content.