Friday, February 11, 2011

Five on Friday - Hobbies

1. What are some hobbies you would like to try, but haven't done so?

I would love to try embossing. Maybe one of these days when I get plenty of extra time, I'll try it.

2. Why did you not pursue these hobbies?

hmmm..It didn't attract me as much as it is now, but right now I'm finding sewing very rewarding and I'd stick with one thing only. I don't have the luxury of spending too much time on too much stuff.

3. Do you often feel limited by your financial state with how you spend your free time?

My free time is limited by: a) I want to do nothing but put my feet up and be with my husband and/or b) I need to get that sewing project done or it will never be done.

4. Do your hobbies play a major part of your life, or help define who you are?

I feel my sewing Hobie is helping me define my lack of technical skills. I am not a technical person and sewing is helping me push myself and not give up when I can't figure something out that requires me to step out of the box.

5. Do you have any hobbies you have made income from?

Not yet!! I hope to get there soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Seamans!

What a fantastic blog you have here!

Just wanted to see how your going with the Water For Elephants book

- Melissa

The Seaman's said...

Melissa, please remind me!! I know I'm supposed to read a book but completely forgot the book club address!

THanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

Here is the direct link

There is a code you can find on the site which you can cut and paste to your sidebar so you can find us anytime!! Just remember to pop it in as HTM/JAVA :]

- Mel