Monday, February 28, 2011

Pounds Continued...

I failed. I experienced a Valentines Italian dinner with John, then Sofia's b/day, those cupcakes were incredibly delicious not to eat one..or two..OK more than two! Oh, yes, Superbowl happened too and my sister Wendy of course had good food for all of us to eat but I only have myself to blame. I did lose two pounds but I gained them back.

The only positive thing that has happened this month is that I'm running for about 10 minutes pain free of Plantar Fasciitis. This is a good thing! I ran yesterday non stop and my pain was a 1 out of 10 (10 being the highest pain you can ever feel.) Why am I not running more? I don't want to risk re-injuring myself, therefore, a little bit at a time is good. Not that I can run a 5K now, because that is pretty much impossible at this point.

I'm going to start running every three days to see how my Plantar feels and go from there. Running, of course is the fastest way to lose the weight and for me also helps me de-stressed. So, here I go again at:


This month of March we have Lent (for Catholics only of course not sure if other Christian denominations observed Lent but we do, not saying there is nothing wrong with not observing Lent, just saying.)

I will not observed dieting for Lent because that in my book is absurb, and not at all spiritual, but that is another subject.

Yours Truthtfully Once Again Overweight,


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