Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Ads...

One word: TACKY!

Indoors, women are useful (especially in the kitchen!) they even had the nerve to write "even pleasant and a even a drag" Ads like these remind me why there was a feminist movement.

I guess, I'm with Stupid today because I had a cup of coffee.

It all comes down to hygene apparently... 

"women are soft and gentle but they hit things" Not only are we a drag, but we're also clumsy. I'm thinking the same writer from that Drummond sweater ad wrote this as well.

"when you feel good, you're good to be around" and when you are PMSing you are a biatch. Just saying. Excuse my French.

 Kneel to me slave! It's a man's world!

She doesn't look too happy scrabbing the floor, does she? hey, at least she's now an American citizen.

I don't see any shoes, jewerly, cash, trips, flowers in this ad. That's right! The wife is only good to be indoors! 

I wonder why they stopped making this toothpaste? I'd have loved trying this one.

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