Monday, March 28, 2011

Movies We Watch

This is not a movie but a Masterpiece Theather Mini-Series.

TV Mini-Series: The Pillars of the Earth

This mini-series is set in 12th century England after the murder of King Henry, King Stephen forced himself into power and spend the remainder of his life fighting the former King Henry's daughter Matilda who's quest was to place her son Henry II in his rightful place as King. This is one plot, there is also another plot involving the building of a Cathedral and everything the Monk, Prior Phillip was to go through to see this Cathedral built after the original burned to the ground.

A pretty good mini-series based on lose facts about King Stephen. There is nudity, incest and rape. We were'nt prepared for these three but everything else is good. Don't watch it with your kids.

I have to add that, I meant to watch this mini-series by myself because John is not interested in anything that I personally want to watch because, "he thinks" that it is another chick flick. Well, he was hooked! and we stayed up until 2am finishing this mini-series. As soon as John found out it there were swords, Knights on horses, Kings and that sort of thing, he joined me.

We give it, 4 stars.

Movie: RED

RED stands for: Retired and Dangerous. Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman star in this action-comedy packed movie, who have retired from the CIA and are being hunted by the CIA (go figure) because of a Guatemala job they did back in the 90's and according to the CIA, they know too much. Very funny and this movie moves pretty fast. I have to say, we enjoy watching Helen Mirren. I read there is a sequel...

We give it 4 1/2 stars.

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