Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Things About Me Today

1. I need to stop going to bed at 11:30pm. Way too late. That is way too close for midnight and every day I promise to go to bed early the following night and it doesn’t happen. 70 percent of the time, the TV is not even on and I still end up going to bed late. I have to stop this cycle before my teeth turned way too yellow.

2. Yesterday we had 8 Tornadoes, 19 cities had hail and 7 had wind damage around the metroplex. For the last two weekends, we have heard the tornado sirens go off and the weather guys are saying that this coming Saturday night; we are having another round of storms, with a high possibility of tornados. I still believe is a blessing to live in Texas.

3. The hammock is hanging on our backyard and the girls love it. Getting them off is a problem.

4. I’m seeing a grief consular through Stephen Ministries. Hard-core stuff.

5. My Plantar Fasciitis is at 5%!!!! This means that I can run! And I have! I’m running a mile only at 14.25. I have cut two minutes!!!! I’m on my way. I had to buy these really really really expensive insoles for my running shoes that support my very high arch and it is working! I have no pain!

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