Sunday, April 17, 2011

At the Fort Worth Zoo!

We decided we needed a family vacation day, therefore, we decided to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo before the weather got way too hot for our girls.
It is hard to make Raquel smile. She has this serious look, I have no idea who she got it from....

The stroller we rented only lasted for about 15 minutes and they didn't want it anymore, Sofia and Raquel wanted to walk, so we ditch the stroller. 

Raquel: I don't see nothing! 

that look again... 

Sofia watching the Gorilla sleeping. 

The Ft. Worth zoo has dinasours all over the park and all of them roar, made Sofia nervous. 

Raquel: "I'm hungry! Feed me!! 

I'm a Princess! 

At the Caroussel, Raquel didn't want to get on the horse at all. 

At the Train! 

Feeding the birds!

Raquel with the same expression she started with...

After our long day at the Zoo, we finished it off eating at Sundance Square! 

Sundance Square was happening!  

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