Tuesday, May 24, 2011

South Beach

Four weeks ago, on a Friday evening, I've had it. Enough, I said, "John, would you like to join me on losing weight on the South Beach diet?" His response was, "sure." It didn't take a lot convincing or arm bending but the next morning, we dusted off the South Beach books and started changing our eating lifestyle and today, I got on the scale and I have lost 11 pounds! and John has lost 19 pounds!

I went from 146lbs to 135lbs! and we are running every week and I'm wearing my belt to hold my pants up!

The first and last time we did the South Beach diet was in 2005 and I also had great results but, we soon forgot about it and we stopped.

Six years later, we are older, wiser, beaten up by life and with two little girls, we decided that it was time to eat healthy not just for our health but to see Sofia and Raquel grow up.

I'm not selling South Beach to anyone reading this post; this program may not be for everyone, the difference here is that you must cook all of the recipes, along the way this program teaches you the proper healthy food and the "unhealthy" foods, whole wheat vs. whole grain and you also unearth new foods you have never tried before. We eat the most delicious foods w/out feeling guilty and dessert every night, but what also works is drinking about 3 to 4 liters of water a day.

Now, my weight prior to getting pregnant with Raquel was 127lbs. My ideal weight goal is 125lbs, so here I come to my healthy self once again! So, go off and feed your metabolism the right stuff!



D.Richmond said...

Thanks! I'm gonna look into the South Beach diet and see if I want to try it.

We joined Sparkpeople.com which bombarded me with so many email 'perk ups' I got overloaded and gave up reading and trying.

My husband on the other hand is so much more self-controlled and dedicated then I am. He's doing great!

I'm still looking for what will work for me. It's not easy.

Thanks for the inspiration!

PS. Funny add-on - the word verification to post this comment was 'Large'. Too funny!


The Seaman's said...

try it and let me know! I will be anxious to know! the first two weeks are hard because you get rid of the BAD CARBS!

I will say 98% of the recipes are awesome, we hated the meatloaf, yuck but everything else we have been or I have been licking my plate off! We are not buying anymore dressing for our salads, we are making our own.

please do tell how it goes, but first read up on the book and if you can afford to buy the additional books w/ more recipes for phase 1 and phase 2 you'll love it even more!

God Bless.