Thursday, June 23, 2011

10th Year Wedding Anniversary

Yep, we made our 10th year anniversary last week, June 16th and John made me cry on my anniversary. We did promise to take off on our anniversary every year moving forward no matter what! So, we went out to the place where we had our first date. I'm not the type who needs to be showered with flowers and bling (jewelry.) No. I look for something more meaningful than that, I seek closeness, dialog, and holding hands. So, we went to Cafe Madrid, is a tapas Spaniard restaurant and John advise me that we could have anything on the menu, so we ordered a very good bottle of  red wine, "Campo Viejo" and had a good amount of tapas and of course dessert.

Prior to our dessert being served, John slapped a small box on the table and said, "Happy Anniversary, baby." I thought, how romantic, I was only waiting for dessert. "thank you, you shouldn't have," I replied. So, I opened the box and it was my old wedding band with a pearl. "But, where's my diamond on my wedding band." I have not worn my wedding ring since I got pregnant with Sofia in 2007, my knuckles on my fingers got big, therefore, I couldn't wear my ring.

Then, John took out my ring and inside the box, there was my Marquee diamond in a new spanking wedding band! I couldn't believe my eyes, and I cried! I missed wearing my ring but one thing after another, resizing my ring was like the last on our list. I love surprises and John admits it is hard to surprise me. Forget flowers, our anniversary was amazing!! I'm signing for many more!! Yey to us!! This past 10 years have not been a peach but our marriage was worth saving!



D.Richmond said...

Congratulations! Many blessed more years to come!

The Seaman's said...

Thank you!! btw: did you give South Beach a chance?