Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

I'm late posting, but here it is!

It is officially hot in Texas! And since we don't have a pool, this shall suffice for now.

It was really windy and Raquel's cold hit her once again, but after several rounds of saline drops, she's doing better.

There's that look again!

She cracked a smile for mami!

John got plenty of green beans from his garden! They only lasted about three days in our fridge! 

Sofia is obsessed with Coco Beware. Yes, that's his full name: Coco Beware. If you watched 80's wrestling you know where the name comes from. 

We walked to the big park that is 45 minute walking distance (one way) and Sofia made it riding her bike both ways and never complained! And she did have a great nap afterwards!

In this bridge, everyone talks to you, in this instance, we were surprised Raquel was not at all intimidated by this big dog. She gave the dog her "look" and tamed him. Very clever.

Sofia watching from afar...waiting to see if the dog attacked she was going to run behind daddy. 

Sofia not scared anymore! She conquer her fear of big dogs and tamed him by petting him. 

Having fun at the park. 

Wildlife not living at the zoo! 

It took several times for Raquel to stop pushing her head through the iron fence.  

and to finalize our walk, John walked a pretty good distance to hug a tree 

The End.

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