Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie Series: North and South (2004)

Move over Pride and Prejudice (2005 version) I have fallen in love with North and South and I have found my favorite period piece that has put Pride and Prejudice in second place.  This is a series based on 1850's industrial England, here you witness hard labor in a cotton mill, including child labor, it is sad to watch at times. Margaret Hale moves from the South to the North at a place call Milton, there she meets John Thorton (Richard Armitage) the owner of the cotton mill where he finds himself in clashes with workers unions and for his love of Margaret. I vote for Richard Armitage to be the next Mr. Darcy, I think Matthew Macfayden has just been replaced. At any rate, I loved loved loved watching this series, I LOVE Netflix streaming video capabilities, w/out it, I would have waited another week to finish this series. Therefore, if you loved Pride and Prejudice, you will adore and fall in love with this one. A MUST SEE!


Movie: Unstoppable

Hold on to your seats, this movie is about an unmanned runaway freight train carrying flammable material going about 75 miles per hour and no one is able to stop it before it reaches a major city. This is a true story that happened in 2001 in Philadelphia. The movie brings two ordinary men to become amazing heroes trying to stop an unstoppable train.

This movie went by fast!

4 Stars.

Movie Series: Any Human Heart

Another Masterpiece classic series, this story is about Logan (Matthew MacFayden, AKA, former Mr. Darcy), a writer who manages to publish two books who do well, but goes blank and is unable to find the next title of his next book, meanwhile, he marries and finds himself in the middle of WWII and a prisoner. We see Logan from his college years all the way to 70 years of age. He keeps telling himself that life is about good luck/bad luck and moving forward and not looking back. Very sad series. Not for children.

3 stars.

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