Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Minds

John and I were crazy talking today and I asked the next question:

1. What music video from the 80's would you have loved to be in? (play the main part)

John's answer: Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible.

Sandra's answer: Madonna's Material Girl

hmmmm....interesting answers.

Then I asked:

2. What  music video from the 80's would you have liked to danced in?

John's answer: Michael Jackson's Thriller. John's second choice: Paula Abduls, Cold Hearted Snake. For some odd reason he likes her. He has all her LP's. You heard right. LP's!

Sandra's answer: Janet Jackson's Nasty Boys.

So, I continued asking questions...

3. What band or group from the 80's would you have love to tour with?

John's answer: Metallica

Sandra's answer: WHAM!

4. What is your 80's music star alter ego?

John's answer: Zakk Wylde - No More Tears

Sandra's answer: Pat Benatar. (I know! I loved her in the Love is a Battlefield music video! "We are Strong! I loved her hair and make up and how she defends her friend) My other favorite song from her is "Heartbreaker."

So, as you can see with no rain and over 100 degree weather we are going crazy here in Texas! If you read this and would like to share, go ahead!

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