Saturday, July 2, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Lucy and Edmund go back to Narnia, and this time they start off boarding the Dawn Treader off the seas of Narnia along with them comes Eustice, their arrogant cousin who only believes what science has proven. In this adventure, they help Prince Caspian search for the seven Knights that have been missing and they must find the seven swords to help defeat evil. The ending is amazing with Aslan, can't say much about it but John did cried.

We give it: 5 stars!

Movie: The King's Speech

King George VI has a speech impairment and is unable to speak in public, he's a stutter. He hires top experts to help him overcome his stutter and all fail him but one. The story of how King George VI becomes King is quite interesting, I don't want to give too much but let's just say, he wasn't in line to become King. After, I watched this movie, I felt guilty for making fun at my younger sister when she used to stutter; I remember her struggling to finish a word, I grew impatient, after awhile you get used to it and let them finish w/out watching the clock. The movie states one becomes a stutter due to emotional/physicological abuse, I thought it was hereditary. English people curse too much in this movie, therefore, definitely not for kids.

We give it: 5 stars.

Movie: True Grit

Revenge is like poison, you seek it, you die with it. Great western movie. A 14 year old seeks the help of a Marshall and a Texas Ranger to help her kill the man who assassinated her father. Jeff Bridges, again, is amazing at playing this country/western characters, he nails it every time.

We give it 5 stars.

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