Saturday, August 20, 2011

Conversations with Sofia

John was showing and explaining the Solar System to Sofia this morning, it went like this:

John: This is the Sun and is hot!

Sofia: Wow!

John: Yeah, it has fire all over it.

Sofia: Wow!

John: This is Mercury! Say Mercury.

Sofia: Mercury!

John: Venus!

Sofia: Venus!

John: and this is Earth, this is Mars, Jupiter (Sofia kept repeating the names) and this is Saturn, this planet has rings around it.

Sofia: Wow! Like your ring daddy?

John: Sort of, yeah. Now, this is Urenus. Now, say Urenus.


John: No, Urenus.

Sofia: Merunus!

We thought it was funny! Urenus, Merenus. She thought John was saying YOUrenus so in return she replied, MErenus.

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