Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happenings of Raquel and Sofia

My heart melts when they hug and kiss each other. All the sleepless nights are forgotten.

Raquel likes to mimic what everyone does and says including our dog Lenny Boy. 

Sofia practicing cutting a tomato with a butter knife...oh and wearing her princess tiara and tutu skirt. Priceless. 

Raquel's "Don't mess with me" look. 

That's more like it!

Two weeks ago, I started training Raquel on "solo" eating, meaning, I'm teaching her how to all by herself so Mami can finally eat at the same time everyone else eats and not be the last one at the table. This moment was bittersweet because the high chair is no longer in our kitchen for the first time in 3 years! I was sad. 

It's been two weeks of training Raquel and I have to say she's really getting the hang of it. I'm still supervising but it is becoming easier. 

We visited Eva and Sofia can't stop asking about her! 

Raquel is trying on every one's shoes nowadays. 

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