Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: Captain America - The First Avenger

Everyone yawns when I say that Captain America is my favorite comic hero and after watching this movie, I have to say that I felt patriotic and Captain America is my hero. The other movie I felt patriotic was after I watched Rambo IV. If you feel hopeless about the situation our country is currently on and want to feel patriotic and full of hope that 2012 will bring a much better direction for our country Captain America will come and save the day!

At any rate, Chris Evans does a great job performing as Captain America (I thought he was hilarious as the Human Torch!)as the first super soldier against the evil Red Skull played by Hugo Weavins as the former Agent Mr. Smith in the Matrix movies (this guy is a great villain but I prefer him kicking butt against Neo.)

I LOVED IT! 5 Stars and an Oscar for the best torso! Oh, and this was a movie date night for John and I! Thanks Mom!!

Movie: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

This final part of the final book was pretty good but I would like to say that a movie NEVER beats reading the book. At any rate, this movie was filled with action scenes and dramatic sequences and it moved faster than the first installment of the Deathly Hallows. It was sad to watch Snape die after he was judge like the bad guy in pretty much all the seven books! I felt because bad myself Snape reveal how much he had helped Dumbledore until the end. I didn't like how the book ended with....SPOILER ALERT!!!!!.... all them getting married to each other and having kids and all that stuff but I guess Rowling just wanted to put the last nail in her series.

4 stars! And this was another movie date night for John and I! Thanks Mom!

Movie: The A-Team

Having watched the ORIGINAL A-Team series with my Dad back in the you know, 80's, I didn't have alot of hopes for this movie but it was suprisingly good, it kept me watching and I was laughing! One member of the A-Team that didn't do it for me was the guy who played Mr. T. I mean come on! "I PITY THE FOOL!" The guy did alright but it is hard to play Mr. T. At any rate, it was well written, jokes left and right for some odd reason I found funny, lots of gun shooting, dead people and the A-Team gets set up in a crime they didn't commit. Bradley Cooper was hilarious!

3 Stars.

Movie: Kill the Irishman

Based on a true story based of Danny Green an Irishman who gets caught up working with the Mafia in the 60's in Cleveland then he goes on his own against the Italian mafia. Alot of dead people and A LOT of car bombing explosions. What was cool about watching this movie was that they will show off and on real TV clips of news reporting. The Italian Mafia hates Danny Green so much they try to kill him many times to no avail including blowing up his house. Former Batman, Val Kilmer plays the cop. John kept asking if that was Val Kilmer former Batman, I said yes everytime, he's just been eating alot of donuts with other cops to play this role.

3 Stars.

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