Friday, August 5, 2011

Sofia and The Adenoid Dilemma

After spending time and money on Sofia's reoccurring Sinus Infections, we decided to have her checked with an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Specialist who checked her Adenoid and his own hearing after he declared that Sofia is a good candidate for the next Scream movie because of her high pitch scream when he inserted a very small camera tube from her nose to check her Adenoids. Dr. ENT declared her Adenoid gland was swollen and full of mucus, not a good sign because this certain gland needs to be free of mucus. So the parental decision was made and we decided that Sofia needed surgery to have her Adenoid gland removed.

at 9:05 this morning, Dr. ENT came to us and said surgery was a success and we could see our little screamer soon. However, waking up after surgery is never a pleasant experience. We were led to the waiting area where all small kids were taken after surgery and there was no child in that room that wasn't crying. John called it the "Wailing Room." The nurse laughed.

Sofia ate three Popsicles and dran an entire glass of apple juice and at 10:30am we were heading home.

Thank God everything went smoothly and Sofia came home ate her lunch and began to behave like her normal 3 year old self. God willing this will allow us to control her allergies better and this will definitely allow her to sleep better and not snore so loud.

I'm just glad this is over and I can start to relax again.



qixxsilver said...

OMGosh! I think I missed this, please let me know when something like this is up (and if you did...shame on me!) I want to pray special prayers for things like this! I am gald she is ok, and healing is going well! Give her big hugs from us!

Love the Cash's

The Seaman's said...

After the surgery, we had most of our family members asking us why we didn't say anything. I think we were nervous about the surgery and it just slipped. next time, we'll make sure to request prayers.


Mom E said...

Our Princess Gigi had her tonsils and adenoids out in February she is also 3 and it was the best decision we could have made. It was a little hairy the first few days but she had no issues after the surgery and it's amazing how fast her recovery was. She no longer snores like a 60 year old man nor has she gotten sick. :)