Friday, September 23, 2011

Five on Friday - Pictures!

1. Yourself. Do you like having your picture taken? Why or why not? Do you have a "good side"?

I did when I was younger, wrinkle free and skinny. Like this one!

2. Your pet(s). What are their names? How long have you had them?

Lenny Boy or sometimes when we want to be sweet with him is Lenny Papi. He's been with us 7 years and
he still sometimes irritates me. He follows me EVERYWHERE!! it almost feels like he's stalking me! but I do love him.

Our second dog is my FAVORITE DOG! His name is Billy Willy Poppers! Or Billy Boy. He's been with us 5 years and I adore him, he can do no wrong in my eyes! He even sleeps with me when John cannot detect him or find underneath our sheets. Love him!

and our third dog is Coco Beware. Or Wrong Coco Wrong! That's what I have been saying since May this year when we got him because he's still teething and biting everything! I love Coco too but Billy takes first place.

3. Your favourite vacation spot. Describe exactly where the picture is taken. What's special about this place?

I love Hawaii and Cancun but I would have to say that I had a blast in Costa Rica! I want to go back to the Hot Springs! It was unbelievable!

This is the Resort we stayed. I love the little town we went to, there were monkeys in every tree!

Mud bath!

4. Your bedroom or favourite room in your home. Explain or tell a story about some of the items in the room.

My favorite room used to be the Living Room but now is my bedroom. I'm so tired everyday, all I want is to lay in my bed and sleep for hours! No need to show pictures.

5. One of your favourite pictures of all time, whether for artistic or sentimental reasons (it doesn't necessarily have to be one you took yourself). Why is this picture special to you?

I don't need to explain why these pictures are special to me.

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