Sunday, September 18, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: Of Gods and Men

This movie is based on true life events about Trappist Catholic Monks who are stationed in Algeria whose community is terrorized by militia groups who want to overtake the government by killing foreigners to get ransom money to continue their operations. The Trappist Monks are dealt with a tough decision whether to leave or stay. If the leave, they leave the community behind whom they help and love, if they stay they run the risk of being terrorize or worst killed. But the question arises of what would Jesus want them to do? This is a beautiful movie that reminds you of the sacrifice that we as Christians have to endure to live our faith. I, uniquely felt in love with the silence these monks live, the hymns they sing and most importantly they way they celebrate Mass.

We give it: 5 Stars. A must see movie.

Movie: The Lincoln Lawyer

Starring Matthew McConaughey as a defense attorney who practically makes deals out of his car to and from court dates and does his best to represent his clients whether or not they are guilty until he is hired by a wealthy client who is accused of batter and Mick (Matthew) finds out his wealthy client is lying about his past. I like Matthew McConaughey only when his playing serious roles, I totally dislike his comedies.

We give it. 3 Stars.

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