Wednesday, September 7, 2011


One good thing about limiting television on children, they use their imagination and think of many ways to get in trouble but also be creative! I have many stories when I was young of the things we did in the house because of no TV and let me tell you, I look back and smile and wish to do them all over again because it was fun! My mom didn't think so but we had no choice!

Coco playing dead or begging for mercy at the hands of Sofia.

Here, Coco is really begging for mercy!

this is exactly what Coco has to endure for the time being...sorry, I couldn't hide his privates...

Since Coco is the new dog in the house, he has to just take it.

Billy sometimes is reminded he needs to play along as well.

Trying on mami's shoes, the new in thing.

Having a quiet time having tea (water) and cookies. 

While I am folding clothes they live it up by jumping on the bed, and I'm too tired to stop them.

Being goofy with daddy!

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