Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Things About Me Today

1. I finally found a dress for me to wear at my sister's wedding this 29th. Shopping for clothes can be an overwhelming stressful experience, I'm rather simple when it comes to clothes and it is hard to find what I'm looking for and not every store that I shop carries the exact fit for me so I find myself going to the same two stores because they make clothes that fit my body exactly the way I want them to fit me.

2. My weight is coming off, however, the only thing I must push myself to do is abdominal work out; you would think it would be easier than running but not for me! It is a drag! I find it boring but I know that running alone cannot tone my body.

3. I must decide whether I will make Sofia her Halloween outfit or buy it. I must confess I'm never thrill about Halloween as John is. I'm thrilled about any other holiday but Halloween, it just feels like a drag!

4. I have been noticing that when that time of the month comes for me all I want is cookies...lots of cookies...lots of amazing sugar! I don't know what has come over me but it is becoming hard to resist.

5. I made Sofia's flower girl basket for the wedding it took me two straight nights to finish it off but I did and most importantly my sister loved it and now I have to make the ring bearer pillow; I'll post pictures later!

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