Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: Jane Eyre

This weekend I watched two different versions of this movie and I loved them both! However, I do like the guy playing Mr. Rochester in the 2011 version better than the 1996 but I loved the 1996 version ending better than the 2011 so, take your pick watch both versions and I believe there are so many versions of Jane Eyre I'm off to probably watch them all because I love a great love story! Jane Eyre, an orphan, her auntie hates her and sends her to a boarding school where they are much worse than her Aunt, there she, I'm assuming graduates and is off to her first job as a Governess and oops! falls in love with the Master of the House, Mr. Rochester who's got a bad temper but holds a dark secret in his castle. Want to know what it is? Read the book like I'm about to or watch the movie! I love period pieces movies!

5 Stars!

Movie: I Will Follow

The one and only reason why I decided to watch this movie is because it deals with grief and at the moment that's exactly what I'm dealing with. So, I thought, "Why not?" it could offer me something that I have overlooked and it received good reviews but when you find yourself pushing the forward button on your remote control that's pretty much a flop in my mind. Most of the dialog was a joke! They talk about LeBron James against JayZ...really!? oh and they paused and give ovation to Obama on his inaugural speech! What!!! Dude, what that heck happened to the grieving piece of this movie. Actually, there was one very strong scene and I believe it was the only scene that had me crying; the daughter of the deceased was pretty upset why her mother treated everyone kindly but her. Ouch, this scene hit home for me but the rest ugh, was awful!

Don't watch it unless you like Obama and Lebron James.

1 Star because of that one scene I liked.

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