Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Things About Me Today

1. I looked up the meaning of the word: Vulnerable: capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or hurt. I lived in fear of being vulnerable for many, many years up until four years ago that I realize that being vulnerable to family and close friends is OK; It is a risk nonetheless, but how else are we to reach out when we need a lending hand or emotional support from others if we do not come out and say: I need help, I feel defeated and I don't know what to do? So, without saying much, I urge everyone to please reach out to family members for help without the fear of rejection and/or judgement.

2. Depression: sadness; gloom; dejection. Or the squelch of my appetite. Yep, I have this mental disorder, another definition for this gloomy word that comes and goes like a roller coaster and I'm able to hide it very well from my love ones until a colleague of mine finds me in my cubicle (work place) crying my heart out.

3. Thanksgiving is coming and I will pig out. yey. Then I will run for miles and miles on ending until I burn everything I ate then I will repeat the same steps for Christmas and New Years.

4. We gave our marriage talk this past weekend and one lady came to us and said that she was giving up on coming for more marriage talks but decided to give it one more try and she was happy she did because she felt our talk was "warm" and she was happy that she came. It is never easy to talk about your own failings in your marriage and past struggles but it is very fulfilling that we are helping other marriages find hope.

5. I am not doing Black Friday...I think they are for freaks who wake up at ungodly hours just to shop. I have been a freak in the past myself and I have always found it exhausting and unfulfilled. Just saying.

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