Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For What Shall I Give Thanks?

This year has been another year with its usual ups and downs and looking back I want to give thanks for,

1. Making peace with a friend even though it was very hard, I was able to find peace.

2. The Doctor who operated on Sofia's Adenoid Glands and successfully removing them, now she's breathing better and we haven't gone to the doctor since August for Sinus infections.

3. I give thanks for having a job that helps us pay our bills, our house and the girls school and not occupying some city public park, and even if I didn't have a job, I wouldn't blame Capitalism.

4. For my Stephen Minister Counselor who advised me to write and in doing so I have found an outlet.

5. Yesenia and David who were so kind in including us in their wedding; we felt very special.

6. For the few friends that I do have even though nowadays it is hard to go out and mingle, thank you for being patient and understanding.

7. For family! Even though we are crazy and dysfunctional, we are there when it matters.

8. For my Nanny, because she shares the same principals and values that John and I do. She's amazing!

9. Retrouvaille, because every time we give our marriage talk, we grow stronger every time.

10. For the Corporation that invented running shoe insoles, because they allowed me to run again and lose my pregnancy weight.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You, God, for sustaining my breath, and thank You, God, for preserving my life. Thank You, God, for providing what I need this day, for I do not know if tomorrow will come, nor what it will bring. But if it comes, and if I see it, thank You, dear Father in heaven, that, in the midst of all the wrestling, and despite all my weakness, You will bring me along.

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