Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Events 2011

Raquel writing her letter to Santa.

Never mind! She's drawing what she wants for Christmas instead! That's got to be a Hello Kitty upside down...

Having breakfast with Santa at our Parish!

Santa stopped by to check how breakfast was. I wanted to say the eggs lacked flavor and salt but I didn't.

Raquel was unfazed by Santa; Sofia turned her quiet and shy self with Santa. 

Forget Santa, Raquel loved the Ginger Man! 

Face painting never fails to impress.

At John's FSG Christmas party! 

This was Sofia's Little Saints Christmas Event

I decided that it was time to trim down Raquel's curls. No matter what put on her hair it was still whacked! 

Sofia went first! She loves Manolo!

Ta-DA! and her curls came back! But at least they are manageable.

Decision time: will the curls disappear or not? BTW: Raquel loved being pampered. I loved that her haircut was free! 

The haircut failed to disappear the curls but tame them! She looks so much like her daddy! 

Reminiscing about the 50's dance...using our daughters as liability...

Now, these two love to dance together; I smell something funny...although Hollis does have some pretty good moves!

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