Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Ethan Hunt comes back to clear his organizations name (IMF) after being accused of bombing the Russian Kremlin and the IMF is blamed and dismantled and so Ghost Protocol is formed to discover who was behind the bombing and to recover secret nuclear codes. The action scenes in this movie were brilliant and amazing to watch, again, Tom Cruise is amazing as Ethan Hunt and his supporting cast gave great perfomances and as always witty! This is a must purchase movie for us and we think this is one of the best M.I movies they've made yet. It will be very hard to replace Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, he is, like all of us, showing his age but still looking pretty good.

4 IMF's stars!

Movie: Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

Sherlock returns again to investigate Professor Moriarty who is scheming war between European countries, however Sherlock has no proof and seeks out his partner Dr. Watson to help him but he's getting married but not before seeking the help from a Gypsie. I enjoyed the first Sherlock movie, this one was enjoyable but I felt rather long, it doesn't dissapoint listening how Dr. Watson and Holmes interact.

3 Sherlock Stars.

Movie: The Company Men

This is the story of three men who have been laid off and are trying to survive in a very tough (current)economy. We see how these three men cope by being unemployed, if you have ever been laid off, you know the feeling. One has spent 30 years of his life but is given a great retirement package and stocks, the second spends the next four months denying his severance paychecks are about to end and facing foreclosure, the last one takes it very hard and makes a life decision he could regret. This movie shows you the greed of CEO's and how the rest of us are scrapping by. Hard to watch.

3 Stars.

Movie: Battle - Los Angeles

Another Alien Invasion movie where the cast has to find out how to destroy the Aliens, well after two days if the environment and water hasn't killed them off, what then? John and I figured it out pretty quickly. We also figured out we are done with Alien movies unless it has Sigourney Weaver in it, she can kick some Alien's butt!

1 Battle Stars.

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