Monday, December 5, 2011

Raquel's Baptism

It is never too late and we finally baptized Raquel! It was a very rainy cold day in Dallas but we didn't care, it was a blessed day for us!
Raquel was mysteriously quiet and relax for her baptism and for that I praise the Lord!

The Godparents, David and Yesenia Dunn. The new Compadres! 

Unfortunately, Raquel never cracked a smile.

I forgot to ask Sofia to lend a smile to Raquel. 

Sofia and Andrew.

Sammy, el loquito. 


Grandma Libby! 

Sofia with her Auntie/Godmother Wendy. 


Auntie Vanessa!

Deacon Randy who conducted Raquel's baptism is filled with the Holy Spirit. He's amazing! He speaks with so much warmth and love of Christ.  

And afterwards, we went to eat! 


momto8 said...

Congratulations on your daughters baptism! The pictures look beautiful!

The Seaman's said...

thank you! :)

Conservamom said...

Congratulations Raquel!!! What a blessed day!!! You have a beautiful family & are so beautiful yourself!!! Raquel is so blessed to have so many wonderful people there to celebrate this glorious day :) hope you are having a great week :)

The Seaman's said...

Thank you!