Friday, December 30, 2011

Where Do Grey Hairs Come From?

I've been noticing that my hair is showing gray hairs everywhere! So, I think is time to panic and start taking extreme measures to cover them, to deny them, to pretend they don't exist! However, it is to be expected. My Father was covered in grey hairs by the time he was 25 so at 40 I don't think I'm doing so bad, I just didn't expect them this early, I mean my Mother is 61 and I can count her grey hairs in ONE HAND! Or is it the daily stress that's causing them to come out early? Perhaps, but I know for a fact that my mom had quadruple the stress so, I'll dissmis that theory.

So the question is, is it genetics or B12 deficiency? For right now, I will toss out the genetic destiny and test out the B12 theory and deny it is my genetics who are turning me gray! I will now buy me B12 and for the time being color my hair with my favorite color. Black.

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