Friday, January 20, 2012

Five on Friday - Type

1.What’s a decorative font you really like? Edwardian Script

        Sandra Seaman

2.MS Word uses Times New Roman as the default plain font; Apple Pages uses Helvetica. Is there a plain font you like better?

I have never worked or own an Apple computer so Times New Roman is what I know.

3.In words per minute, how fast do you type? (if you Google “check your typing speed” or something like that, you’ll find many online options for testing yourself)

Let's see in High School I typed 80 wpm; 23 years later I'm down to 55wpm, I guess age does handicap you in many areas including typing.

4.Who in your life is just your type, but for some reason not romantically compatible with you?

I had great guy friends who I adored and loved to hang out with but not in "that way," and they just couldn't accept it, thus ending the friendship.

5.What’s your blood type?

O Positive.  Blood Banks love me.

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