Sunday, January 29, 2012

Movies We Watch

Movie: Warrior

This movie is about two brothers that find themselves fighting in a half a million UFC match; Their relationship was marred by their former alcoholic abusive father who's wife left him and took one of the sons who later comes back seeking help from his estranged father and help him train for the fight, unbeknown to him his estranged brother who's about to lose his house and finds himself going back to fighting to save his house. Nick Nolte plays the alcoholic father and no wonder he earned a well deserved Oscar nomination for this role; I felt sorry for him all throughout this movie. If you are into UFC cage fighting you should watch this movie; I like good fights and choosing between the brothers was very heartening but I did have my favorite from the get go.

We give it 4 UFC's Stars!

Movie: Cowboys & Aliens

One thing I have learned about alien movies is if you want to beat the aliens get to the source as fast you can if you want to live! Harrison Ford plays the tough bad guy and...gulp...Daniel Craig plays the cowboy who finds himself with an alien bracelet who doesn't remember how he got in the first place; what we wondered was why he was casted for this movie role, for heavens sake, he's freaking James Bond! He's an English man trying to do a western accent. We noticed his lines were short and the first 10 minutes of the movie he doesn't speak a word. Let's keep Daniel Craig across the pond. No big surprises in this movie and we figured it out pretty quick.

We give it. 2 Aliens; these dudes were the only watchable thing in this movie.

Movie: Knight and Day

Tom Cruise playing another spy movie who is trying to clear his name. The difference between this movie VS. Ethan Hunt very little, he was more comical in this movie. Tom Cruise rocks as an action star period but I think he's co-star, Cameron Diaz, was not adequately cast for this role, she's showing her age and we were not very impressed with her, I'd advise her to stay with comedy playing the ditsy blond; she's she's not an action star. We kept coming back to the amazing Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie; this Knight and Day movie shows absolutely no originality, thus it did have very funny moments but it did fall short as far as a surprising ending.

We give it 2 Knights and 0 Days.

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