Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, There Is Always Next Season

At least we got the Mavericks, right? hmmmm....Never mind that. At any rate, Win or go home and the Cowboys decided to go home and call it a season, they didn't show up in the first half trailing 21 points and tried to make a come back in the second quarter only to do the same thing they have been doing all year, offense did nothing, defense did nothing, Romo did exactly what he has been doing since starting as a quarterback, NOTHING.

For a minute there the Cowboys made me believe we could tie the game but it was just wishful thinking. I wonder whose head shall roll tomorrow. John wants Jason's head to roll. All I want is for Romo to be rolling, better yet, Jerry shall fire himself and end our 15 YEAR LOSING STREAK!

I will always love my Dallas Cowboys no matter what, it hurts to lose and not make the playoffs (15 years and only one playoff win, it does hurt). Well, until next season. Go Cowboys!

On a different note: John and I should have invested our time by watching Captain America! darn it!


momto8 said...

well poor us..we are eagles fans!

The Seaman's said...

I've never liked the Eagles, and I liked them even less after they acquired Vick.