Friday, February 24, 2012

Five for Friday - Adaptation

1.What’s a film, adapted from a book you liked, that was as good as (or better than) its source material?

Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth's) I loved that they included every detail from the book to this series. My favorite version so far.

2.What’s a good film based on a book you disliked?

 I can't think of any book that I have disliked; normally, I choose books based on content and reviews.

3.What film, adapted from a book you liked, was horribly disappointing?

I find myself in the minority when I disliked Sense and Sensibility (Kate Winslet). They need to re-do this one.

4.What book, not yet made into a film, would make a really good film?

Any book from Paulo Coehlo's. He's genious writer!

5.What’s a book you’ve read because you liked the film that was based upon it?

Harry Potter. My husband made me.

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