Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Sofia!

I am as tired as I was when I delivered my baby Sofia four years ago today and I'm looking forward to spending more tiring days taking care of her! Thank you Lord!

Sofia has been asking for the Jasmine doll from Aladdin and after searching everywhere only the Disney Store at Stonebriar (Frisco) had it. So off we went on Saturday and as much as I hate malls, I had no choice but to go. They loved it. Disney Store employees made Sofia and Raquel feel special after they found out we were there to purchase Sofia's birthday present. They gave her a birthday hat and sprinkled pixie dust over their heads (my daughter's literraly gravitated from the ground just from the excitement of having pixie dust.) Then we headed towards the Caroussel. We couldn't buy the tokens fast enough.

John likes mall food. I hate it. So, we decided to break our routine and eat at the mall. After 20 minutes, John and I couldn't wait to get out. The place was too noisy and way too many people. We missed being home having dinner. 

Sofia and her birthday present. They go everywhere Sofia goes. 

Sofia excited about all the presents she got. Thank you Libby and John!

 Her smile and happiness makes it all worth it!

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